FairwayPro Website Review & Ratings + FairwayPro Coupons
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FairwayPro Website Review & Ratings + FairwayPro Coupons

FairwayPro: Products & Services

Fairwaypro.com is an online website dedicated in offering the product called the Fairway Pro that gives truer feedbacks on golf shots. It is a handy golf training device that golf enthusiasts can bring along anywhere. It is portable, durable, made of high quality materials, cultivating less wear and tear. This website is offering the FairwayPro product plus the accessories that go with it, including the portable fairway pro replacement turf, mats and the practice net.

FairwayPro understands the importance of practice to golfers and with the company offering the ultimate practice device, you can practice the way you play. Fairway pro lets you experience the groove of your authentic swing. With range mats, when you hit behind the ball, the club may still bounce off the hard surface into the ball, and the ball takes off as if you've executed a good hit.

With FairwayPro, you'll know if you've hit behind the ball because the impact will cause the turf tray to start sliding forward and the club head will hit the ball with much less force. The ball flight will be affected when you hit a bad shot on FairwayPro, as it would on real grass. Fairway Pro can be used in schools, PGA teaching pros, retailers, driving ranges and pro shops. It has several international distributional branches including Netherlands, China, India, Japan, South Korea and United Kingdom.

FairwayPro: Company Background

Fairwaypro.com is a website specially dedicated in selling the FairwayPro items and accessories. Fairwaypro.com is a registered trademark of McFarlin Graphic System Inc in Los Angeles California. Its office is located at 13678 Monteverde Dr Chino Hills, California 91709. The product was registered under its contract owner, the McFarlin Graphic Systems Inc. in February of 2009. Since it’s launched, it has been in the business for more than 10 years now. As a company, they have been working with many prospective distributors who will join their team when the installed version becomes available in the near future after introducing the FairwayPro to golfers all over the world.

FairwayPro: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Customers posting their comments on the website were very glad that a product like this came to their lives. The golfers had spoken that this product has done magic to golfers. It also has good feedbacks on amazon.com. There was this one customer saying who said that he was looking for grass mat and while shopping around and reading reviews he stumbled on this product. He said that it worked just as how it was on the advertisements. The product has also received good reviews from Golfgearreview.com and Golfazine.com. Please reave a review of a customer who was very satisfied:

“It does work surprisingly well and I have to admit I have never felt so at ease playing directly off an artificial mat as I did with this.  Usually I am very aware that the mat is rigid and am wary of causing injury to my wrists when I play my shots.  I guess I never get 100% out of my swing on a range mat.  With Fairwaypro however it only took me about 10 minutes before I was fully comfortable and whacking those balls down the range.  I especially liked that I could play any shot and any club I wanted to and the FairwayPro will do what it does.  It also looks pretty cool at the range and I had a few people ask me what I was using and where could they get one from.”— Neil Breakwell

FairwayPro: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Fairwaypro.com is not an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. It has been accredited by Trustwave for the security of the payments made online through their website. It has also been featured in the TGC news coverage and on NBC. The products were also used in the PGA show-short game challenge. Other than the mentioned above, the company has not been certified by any certifying bodies, is not a member of any organizations and associations and has not received an award to this day.

FairwayPro: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

According to the 3 month data traffic gathered by Alexa.com,  it ranked the company #7,056,004 worldwide. Google has also ranked this website 2/10. The website was given a 4 out of 5 star by rankingtoday.com as it has an excellent loading time and structure with a download time of 1.64 seconds @ 28800, SEO friendly structure and optimal text quantity. It has a very good meta tags even when it is not optimized. Keyword density is also very good and has an inconsistent title tag. It has an excellent links with no broken links found on this page.

FairwayPro: Social Media Presence

There were no links on this website to any social media sites but you can post the link of the website to any social media like facebook.com, twitter.com, tumbler, Google+, instagram, pinterest, and many others. There was also no fanpage account on facebook.com bearing the name of FairwayPro. The same on twitter as there was no twitter account bearing the name of FairwayPro. During the search of the two most popular social media site, a name appeared endorsing the FairwayPro, which is Jim McFarlin who is believed to be the owner or related to the owner of fairwaypro.com’s mother company which is the McFarlin Graphic Systems Inc. That is as close as the company got.

FairwayPro: Website Security & Safety

According to Google’s diagnostic page, this website is currently not listed among the suspicious websites. Google has not visited this website over a period of time. It states that over the past 90 days, this website did not function to act as an intermediary to infect any other websites. This website has also not hosted any malicious software over the past 90 days.

FairwayPro: Pricing & Packages

The FairwayPro itself costs $149.95. Accessories are also available including the portable FairwayPro replacement turf for $29.95 and the practice net for $129.95. On other selling websites like Amazon and CNET, prices are relatively the same. There is no point of comparison in terms of prices as they are relative the same on other domain and customers are happy.

FairwayPro: Shipping Rates & Policies

Free shipping is provided for retail orders with the amount of $100 or more to US continents only. To serve the customers better, the company has partnered with the right distributors to help introduce FairwayPro all over the world. Distributors are available in the Netherlands, China, India, Japan, South Korea and United Kingdom. Shipping takes place at the end of the next business day. An email notification with the tracking number will be sent to the email address provided.

FairwayPro: Payment Methods Accepted

Fairwaypro.com accepts only payments made from major credit cards. The company only accepts payments made through Visa, Master card, Discover, and American Express credits cards. Other credit cards not mentioned above  are not accepted online and it also do not accept payments made through debit cards, PayPal, EbillMe, BillMeLater, E-Check, EFT and QPass.

FairwayPro: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Fairwaypro.com offers a 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked. If in any way the customer is not satisfied with the product, it can be returned within 30 calendar days from the date of purchase to receive a refund of the purchase price minus the shipping costs. The offer is only available to customers who made the purchase on its website, www.fairwaypro.com. All returned merchandise must be properly packaged in the original box and in its original undamaged condition. The returned package must be paid by the customers and include the original receipt and a Return Authorization Number given by the company.

FairwayPro: Product images & screenshots
FairwayPro Coupons
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